To empower lasting U.S. bipartisan energy solutions and global leadership through effective and credible “rooms of engagement” and relationship development.  To bring leaders together in a space that shapes the vital bridge for open dialogue conducive to forming meaningful relationships and advancing client objectives.

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  • Successfully engaged  thousands of people including  Congressional Staff and bipartisan U.S. Members of Congress in both small, personal “rooms of engagement” and larger settings.

  • Members of Congress involved in Congressional Energy Engagement, are CEE Champions. 

  • CEE is connected with bipartisan U.S. government officials, Embassy leaders as well as representatives from the World Bank and world energy executives.

"Human Achievement is Inseparable from Human Interaction."

Leadership that matters


Congressional Energy Engagement, LLC informs, educates and engages government leaders and C-level energy leaders through the delivery of effective high-level summits, personal meetings and the development of strategic engagements.  We share our relationships; believe that energy prosperity and national security are not mutually exclusive, are dedicated to climate solutions and hold true that
human achievement is inseparable from human interaction.
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CONGRESSIONAL ENERGY ENGAGEMENT, led by Michelle M. Harstine whose portfolio includes the development and launch of Nuclear Energy Congressional Educational Programs for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy engaging hundreds of Staffers and Members of Congress.  
CEE believes that
Human achievement is inseparable from human interaction” 
on which client-specific “rooms of engagement” are developed. With strong Capitol Hill Relationships, access to all four U.S. Government House Committees and Leadership, Caucuses, as well as U.S. Senate, International and Embassy liaisons, CEE collaborates and works alongside client government relations programs or creates new programs and introduces clients to The Hill through distinctive avenues. CEE connects and engages C-level energy leaders with U.S. Members of Congress and Federal government officials by creating client-specific spaces that shape the vital bridge for open dialogue
conducive to lasting relationships and outcome-based strategies.

With primary focus on nuclear energy, fission and fusion these “rooms of engagement” (from personal meetings, dinners and summits to larger occasions), CEE provides the pathway forward to effective client outcome-based strategies.

“We share our relationships so that yours can prosper.”

What We Do

Our team is a network of highly skilled and connected professionals across the industry, Federal and international governments, organizations and policy advocates.
CEE introduces your company to The Hill, connecting you to bipartisan U.S. Members of Congress and Federal government officials.  We have in-depth experience assisting C-level energy leaders and organizations enter a space that will shape the vital bridge for open dialogue conducive to forming meaningful relationships and advancing energy education and collaboration. 
We work with our clients on a Federal level, and also connect and engage State  and Community leaders on key issues important to them as well as subjects including Advanced Nuclear and Net Zero climate goals. We identify issues and access the transforming science and data into shared initiatives and real-world solutions that result in client recognition as Thought and Industry Leaders as well as government leaders leading ushering their communities to success and prosperity.
We design relational spaces organically to meet client as well as governments - Congressional/Hill needs; from small dinner gatherings and round-table discussions to leadership summits and outside-the-box, visionary engagements. We provide the pathway forward to effective outcome-based strategies that advance participant and client interactions and objectives. 
CEE accelerates its client’s recognition and strategic relationships while also ensuring U.S. energy leadership and national and global zero-emissions targets.  We safeguard U.S. National Security and Defense while providing energy prosperity to all by setting the stage to craft successful and timely bipartisan solutions and client/industry achievements
that will stand the test of time and Administrations.

Blueprint for success

Congressional Energy Engagement brings together a network of highly skilled and connected professionals each delivering important assets to form a client-specific Strategic Government Relations Engagement Blueprint. From one key CEE Executive to a CEE Team, CEE collaborates with clients on key issues and brings these professionals together to meet and exceed client objectives. We introduce clients to The Hill, connecting clients to bipartisan U.S. Members of Congress and Federal government officials. CEE collaborates with clients on key issues and develops a strategy that may include Federal Government relations, Military and Administration access, lobbying/educating, access to the Hill, Members of Congress and the strategic development of client-focused engagements and programs; individual meetings, key luncheons/dinners, announcement events, receptions webinars, podcasts and round table discussions underpinning the overall client strategy forming a unique blueprint for success.

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What they Say?

I want to thank you for a very enjoyable evening and forum. 
This is an important step for ANS to expand its influence and you are making that happen!
Thanks again for a great evening!



What they Say?

These meetings are important in providing exposure to the Congressmen and Congresswomen that attend.  It is important for an open candid dialogue to be fostered and also having the ability to reach out to them afterwards continuing the conversation is really key.  It is sometimes these types of small gatherings that generate momentum – so I am pleased to see you putting these together. 

CLayton scott


What they Say?

"... a great vehicle to generate strong bipartisan momentum in favor of stronger US policies and programs in support of a smarter and more effective US nuclear energy policy" "Looking forward to continuing to work together not only through these dinners but also now that I have joined ANS as a member.


What they Say?

This is helping to advance the cause of expanding the role of nuclear in meeting climate and energy needs while restoring US global leadership in nuclear energy and nonproliferation, 


What they Say?

Michelle is a pleasure to work with each and every day.  She has proved herself capable of managing a variety of complex tasks at one time, diligently following up on key details to ensure the successful events, and exuding important communications and advocacy skills needed to advance the Office of Nuclear Energy’s mission.

Jeremy B. Harrell
Chief Strategy officer - ClearPath


What they Say?

I was especially pleased to participate in a recent event on international nuclear energy markets for advanced nuclear reactors that drew key congressmen as well as so many Hill staffers- really, standing room only -
great job!

Ron faibish
Senior Director of strategic Development


What they Say?

…..Michelle made these meetings look easy, as if anyone could do it.  Frankly, few could.  I recommend her for her ability to plan ahead and think creatively… 

Harlan bowers
President, X-Energy


What they Say?

A skilled coalition builder, Michelle shares her innate talent for communication and pattern recognition to perceive what others often miss. Michelle’s innovative approaches to community outreach, engagement, and education have fostered greater understanding of advanced nuclear technologies and yielded successful strategic relationships.  

John L. Hopkins
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NUSCALE


What they Say?

I met Michelle Harstine when she was at the U.S. Department of Energy developing new and improved relationships with its stakeholders and organizing forums and various substantive and informal events at which government and private-=sector participants advanced the important dialogue on energy policy issues.  My colleagues at NEI and in our membership agree that Ms. Harstine possesses excellent skills …advantageous to any organization. 

Maria Korsnick,
President and CEO Nuclear Energy Institute


Congressional Energy Engagement holds strong long-term Federal Government relationships; has access to all four key U.S. government House Congressional Committees and Leadership – Appropriations, Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, Financial Services.  Access to key House Congressional Caucuses; Advanced Nuclear Caucus, Nuclear Clean-up Caucus, strong relationships with key nuclear organizations and leadership; access to the nuclear liaisons at the Embassy of Egypt and the Embassy of France, and others and access to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Administration. We know how to pave the way to reach the people you need whether Federal, State or Community endeavors.

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STRATEGIC Associates

Michelle amante-Harstine

Principle & Founder

Adam DeMella

Global Gov. Affairs - GE Hitachi Nuclear

Craig Piercy

Executive Dir. CEO
American Nuclear society

Seth Grae


Sally White

Founder of EchoWolf Solutions

Carol Lane

VP Govt Affairs - X-Energy


Former Asst. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health

Jenifer Shafer

Program Director - ARPA-E
Professor at Colorado School of Mines

Loong Yong

Spectra Tech, Inc.

Ron Faibish

Senior Director of Strategic Development General Atomics

gard clark, pmp

energy & environment consultant
formerly vp teledyne brown engineering


Our Events

Engagment in action


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We move you from primarily taking part in peer-to-peer events to engaging directly with decision-makers in an environment that sets the stage for meaningful relationship development and outcome-driven results.  CEE gets you to the people that make the difference.



CEE understands the demands on your time, so we bring you together directly with the C-level stakeholders in industry, science and education creating the vital bridge for open dialogue accelerating result-focused, human connections in effective and credible environments.



Without trusting relationships, the road traveled can be long and arduous.  Having access to those relationships already in place and developing strong relationships of your own through strategic initiatives is imperative to success. Congressional Energy Engagement offers both to your quiver. 



Congressional Energy Engagement collaborates with clients on key issues; develops and launches strategic engagements accelerating client goals, and access and jump starts relationship building  conducive to continued vital conversations and mission achievement.

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Work with the original developer and the brains behind  successful Capitol Hill programs such as the Atomic Wings Lunch & Learn, The U.S. Congressional Energy Leaders Forum, Nuclear Policy Leadership Dinners as well as numerous individual client approaches. Our process is designed to empower and connect your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, objectives, mission and put you on a solid track to success .


Our service includes a  client collaborative consult to identify opportunities and form a focused engagement plan. From individual engagements to a team approach, CEE also offers a network of team members producing a suite of client-focused offerings. These options may, for example, include a lobbyist, a social media expert, and a professional award-winning film producer. CEE accelerates your goals and access and jump starts your relationship building that is key to continued vital conversations and mission achievement. That’s how we ensure your success.


Energy is our Thing. Our Passion. We believe that HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT IS INSEPARABLE FROM HUMAN INTERACTION. When it comes to clean energy we see the U.S. leading this endeavor to energy security, prosperity, equality and sustainability, through companies and organizations like yours. We select our clients carefully and align our visions, goals and opportunities together. We grant each and every client the time and guidance necessary to succeed.  If seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner who offers the right skillset that can engage you effectively with the right people at the right time in the right environment, contact us today. We’ll create an engagement plan particular to your success.


Michelle M. Harstine established Congressional Energy Engagement, LLC as the next step to her effective work in Washington, DC while at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy where she was Senior Advisor for Stakeholder Engagement. During her tenure, Michelle developed strategic relationships, designed, developed, and led inaugural initiatives on Capitol Hill such as the Atomic Wings Lunch & Learns and the Up & Atom Morning Briefings, bringing together Members of Congress, Congressional staff, industry, educational institutions, National Laboratories, Embassy representatives and the Administration. These initiatives impacted positive nuclear energy perceptions, policy, articulated advanced nuclear technologies and expressed nuclear’s vital contribution to zero-emissions goals.
The Principal of CEE, Michelle brings over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sectors spearheading government, business, community and organization initiatives. A coalition builder uniting stakeholders, The Hill and Congressional leadership, Michelle ultimately helps to impact U.S. government information and education, understanding and support of energy endeavors often focusing on advanced nuclear technologies through strategic communication engagements among bipartisan Members of Congress and C-level industry and organization leaders.
Michelle developed the U.S. Congressional Energy Leaders Forum monthly by-invitation only bipartisan programs for U.S. Members of Congress and C-Level nuclear energy leaders and currently has brought them under the American Nuclear Society as the Nuclear Policy Leadership Dinner & Discussion. Michelle  develops Congressional Staff special engagement programs focusing on current world nuclear issues panel discussions and  key staff engagements such as the  ANS "Fission 'N Fizz Mixer" bringing Staffers and the Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation together with industry leaders. From helping to launch the National K-12 education initiative "Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World" with the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Nuclear Society and Discovery Education, to engaging the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University Students for two-day immersive programs, Michelle assists in paving the way for nuclear's future leaders in nuclear energy.
Michelle works with clients from business, industry, organizations, educational institutions and governments through strategic relationship and engagement development - jump-starting client government engagement programs - to reach their strategic objectives and to amplify clean energy transformational science and technology solutions which support the path forward to securing the Nation’s energy leadership role, protecting U.S. National Security, reaching, and sustaining effective climate goals, providing energy prosperity for all while supporting and accelerating client missions.
Ms. Harstine is available to speak on "How to Work Effectively with the Federal Government - The Importance of Building Authentic Relationships".
Working in Washington, DC, Michelle hails from the great state of Tennessee.

CEE reserves the rights to the following names/titles and additional titles which may be developed or under TM while working with clients: Up & Atom Morning/Afternoon/Evening Briefings/Series or similar; Atomic Wings Lunch & Learn or similar; Fission 'N Fizz Mixer, New Clear, New Clear Advantage or similar; The Green Clean Power Machine; The Green Clean Energy Machine; The Clean Green Power Machine; The Clean Green Energy Machine; Nuclear Flash Ted Talks, Legacy Leavers Leadership or similar when relating to fission or fusion energy or related; Cool out of School Days; Congressional Energy Engagement; U.S. Congressional Energy Engagement; U.S. Congressional Energy Leadership Foundation/Forum and similar.

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